The Kinky Holiday Shopping Guide

The Kinky Holiday Shopping Guide

I can’t believe that the holidays are right around the corner but considering it snowed over three inches yesterday, it’s time to start shopping!

To help you out, I put together my annual kinky holiday shopping guide. It’s filled with some new products from creators and companies I love as well as some of my most popular gift-worthy products.

Note that some of these products are printed on demand – all wearables, some journals, anything personalized, etc. – so be sure to order early to receive them in time.

If you already missed the shipping deadlines, don’t worry. You can always wow your person with one (or more) of the many kinky printables available.

Please share this guide with all your kinky friends!!

a whole collection of hot new stories for you

a whole collection of hot new stories for you

i just published never before seen short erotic stories and snippets from the past four years along with exclusive sneak peeks at my longer pieces on my brand new eroticwritergirl patreon

i’ll be posting brand new shorts and sometimes longer pieces weekly so you seriously don’t want to miss out!

my creative juices have been flowing lately. you’ll want to see what i’m up to next.

if you have any story ideas and/or themes, you’d love me to write about, respond to this email and let me know! who knows – i may even dedicate it to you.

The struggle is real

The struggle is real

Today I posted on my Instagram account how I may not be there for very much longer. This isn’t a decision I’m making but one Instagram is making. Over the past couple of months, Instagram has suspended my Kinky Ink Press account twice and deactivated it once – all for indiscretions I didn’t do. I’ve been able to reactivate it each time but, honestly, I’m not sure for how much longer.

I’m getting a little tired of waking up to these notices and having to jump through hoops to keep the account active. I’m not sure how long until they deactivate the account altogether.

It’s rough being a kink-oriented business in today’s society. I strive to keep my posts as clean and unoffensive as possible but I’m not sure how long this will be enough.

I’ve been wondering if continuing on Instagram is even worth it. It has been growing steadily which is encouraging but I wonder if my audience (meaning you) is even hanging out on Instagram. Please let me know in the comments if you follow me on Instagram (or if you’re not on Instagram) and where else I may be able to reach you. I’m looking for new ways to expand my reach in more kink-friendly environments.

Besides this website, you can also find me at the following places. I haven’t been super active on them but with the Instagram account in peril, I will be devoting more attention to them.

I truly appreciate you being here. You can also join my Kinky Ink Press VIP tribe to save 25% everything always and to be kept up to date on the latest happenings, products and writings. I only email once a week (on Friday mornings).


Kinky Father’s Day Gifts for your Man!

Kinky Father’s Day Gifts for your Man!

Father’s Day is right around the corner! Surprise your man with one of these super kinky gifts that will ensure you both have a hot and kinky year.

Note that some of these products are printed on demand – all wearables, some journals, anything personalized, etc. – so be sure to order early (like NOW) to receive them in time. If it’s already too late, don’t worry. You can always wow him with one (or more) of the many kinky printables available.

Shop now to ensure a super hot and kinky Father’s Day with your man!


Get kinky with these notebooks

Get kinky with these notebooks

As you may have guessed, being a writer, I’m addicted to all things paper including journals, planners and notebooks. I hate to even tell you how many blank notebooks and journals I have in my office but it’s a lot.

It’s probably no surprise to you then that I keep creating paper-based products. I’ve been wanting to do something creative with all the vintage erotic art I’ve found so I created a kinky line of notebooks.

Most of them are personalizable meaning you can have your own text on the cover. Simply choose the personalized version when checking out and include the text you want in the Notes box during check out.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about them in the comments below. If there’s an interest, I’ll create more! There’s (almost) nothing more fun then looking at erotic vintage art. I’m obsessed.

The text is customizable!

Things just got editable!

Things just got editable!

I am so excited to announce that I just introduced two new editable products into the mix: editable contracts and editable invitations.

People have been asking for editable certificates and contracts for a while now and I never liked how the editable PDF versions looked. The fonts were all wrong. It felt clunky and ugly. But I recently stumbled upon a brand new way (to me) to edit that is so much better:

JetTemplate allows me to create various designs – anything really – right in their program and allows you to edit them. How fun is that?

To start things off, I just finished converting the BDSM Ownership Certificate and Contract and the Domestic Discipline Certificate and Contract into editable versions. You’ll now be able to edit the text, including the fonts and colors, right in the document and download it as a PDF, JPG or PNG. This will allow you to really make it your own. You can even add images if you want!

I also created two collaring ceremony invitations that are fully editable. They’re the perfect way to make your collaring ceremony more special. They both include RSVP and details cards, similar to what you’d find in a wedding invitation set.

Similar to the contracts, you can change the fonts and colors and even add your own photos. You can make it as personalized as you want it.

I only have two versions designed at the moment but plan to do more in the near future.

Please take a moment to comment below if you’d like to see more collaring ceremony invitations or anything else that can be personalized and editable. I’m always open to your ideas.

happy new year!

happy new year!

happy new year. may 2023 sparkle and be magical in all sorts of ways. 

i’m always excited by the starting of a new year. everything feels fresh and possible. i love planning out my goals for the year the week leading up to new year’s eve – thinking about all the possibilities, what i want to create and what i want to focus on.

if you need help planning your new year, be sure to check out the submissive planner. it’s geared towards helping you manage a power exchange dynamic but it also has a robust monthly/weekly calendar with monthly goals, monthly habit trackers and monthly check-ins. it will help you with your whole life, not just your relationship.

you can find a walk-through of the submissive planner here.

i look forward to all the kinky fun we’re going to have in the new year. i’d love to hear what you’re most looking forward to. please comment below.


The 2022 Erotic Holiday Shopping Guide

The 2022 Erotic Holiday Shopping Guide

I can’t believe it’s already that time of year but here we are – on the cusp of the holiday shopping season! I’ve put together a super fun Erotic Holiday Shopping guide again this year, including some of my favorite kinky gifts that I know you and your recipients will love. Sometimes you need a little extra inspiration and I’m happy to help!

This year’s guide includes some new kinky wearables that I created along with some fun kinky products from other BDSM-friendly sellers. I love supporting other kinky entrepreneurs so if you ever want to be included in my guides, please let me know.

With the holidays quickly approaching, be sure to order anything online super early again this year. I’ll be posting my shipping deadlines soon but they’ll probably be at the beginning of December. Some products, such as personalized and print on demand items, take longer to print and receive so be sure to add extra time for those.

If you want help enjoying the holiday season this year, be sure to check out my Holiday Coupon Book. It’s a super tame coupon book filled with fun holiday activities to do with your special someone. It’s an instant download so you can print it out and gift it today!

This would make the perfect gift to give on Thanksgiving to start out the holiday season right.

I hope you love this year’s Erotic Holiday Shopping guide. And if you want to save 25% off everything in my shop, be sure to join the Kinky Ink Press VIP tribe today!

Happy almost holidays!


Super HOT kinky memes that will make you squirm!

Super HOT kinky memes that will make you squirm!

I’ve been having so much fun putting together some super hot and kinky memes for you. The hotter, the better as far as I’m concerned. These are very BDSM oriented since that’s what I write and the type of products I sell!

I’ve been posting them on my Instagram account (and people have been LOVING them) but I thought it’d be cool to post some of the favorites here. Be sure to follow my Instagram account for all the latest ones!

having a dirty mind meme

“Having a dirty mind makes ordinary conversations much more interesting.”

Don’t you agree?

when the kiss is so good meme

“When the kiss is so good that you end up having sex. Yea…that.”

Where do I sign up?

a dirty book meme

“A dirty book is rarely dusty.”

Absolutely? Have you read mine yet? You will want to!

nymphomania meme

“Nymphomania: a woman as obsessed with sex as an average man.”

This is the quote that blew up my Instagram account. People could not get enough of it!

swallowing meme

“Swallowing is an act of love.”

100% true!

beast meme

“Different people awaken different beasts in you.”

This is so true!

innocent face meme

“There’s always a wild side to an innocent face.”

If people only knew! You should see the surprised looks I get when I play Cards Against Humanity. LOL!!

licked meme

“I liked it so it’s mine.”

I love this meme especially since I’m a licker AND a biter. You’d better watch out.

sexual preference meme

“My sexual preference is often. “

A true classic and 100% true.

man moan meme

“Hearing a man moan because of you is the sexiest sound ever.”

Absolutely. My favorite sound ever.

when i'm good meme

“When I’m good, I’m very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better.” You’d like me when I’m bad. 

dirty mind meme

“I don’t have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination.”

I have a huge sexy imagination. Check out my books to see just how sexy!

soulmate meme

“A gentleman holds my hand. A man pulls my hair. A soulmate will do both.”

I’m super lucky to be with my soulmate.

bedroom meme

“The nicer you treat her outside the bedroom, the naughtier it will get inside the bedroom.”

You will be amazed what treating a woman really well will do for you once you get to the bedroom.

friendship meme

“You can’t ruin friendship with sex. That’s like trying to ruin ice cream with chocolate sprinkles.” An interesting thought!

moaning meme

“I want to forget my name while I’m busy moaning yours.”

money meme

“Sex is like money: only too much is enough.” Absolutely!!

nature meme

“Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature.” This is 100% true. 

neck meme

“If you kiss my neck, I’m not responsible for what happens next…”

My total weak spot.


mystical experience meme

“When sex involves all the senses intensely, it can be like a mystical experience.”

I totally agree. Sex should always be a mystical experience.


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