Want to give the gift of your submission?

Surprise your Master/lover/boyfriend/husband with these super racy and salacious coupons. Perfect as a gift and a great way to spice up your love life.

This is a digital download. No physical item will be shipped to you.


The Submissive Coupon Book comes with 50 pre-made cards along with nine blank cards for you to give to your Dominant. If you don’t like one (or more of the coupons), don’t include them in your own personalized gift to your man. Simple as that.

Some of them are SUPER hot and racy. These coupons are slanted more towards a male recipient although most of the coupons could be used for either sex. (45 out of the 50 coupons are appropriate for either sex.)

each coupon book includes

One digital download. This download includes 50 pre-made coupons along with 9 blank coupons to allow you to fill in your own stuff. (The file isn’t editable. The 9 blank coupons are meant to be written on.) It also includes one cover card to make it the perfect gift. All coupons (once printed and cut) are 3 1/2 inches by 2 inches.

special note

While some of these coupons are extreme, use your best judgment in fulfilling them. Always be safe, sane, consensual and responsible. Discard any coupons you don’t want to do before giving them as a gift. It’s also smart idea to discuss each coupon with your partner prior to using it to set up any limitations or expectations. Open communication is essential for any sexual play. This coupon book is meant to be fun, not dangerous.

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