happy new year. may 2023 sparkle and be magical in all sorts of ways. 

i’m always excited by the starting of a new year. everything feels fresh and possible. i love planning out my goals for the year the week leading up to new year’s eve – thinking about all the possibilities, what i want to create and what i want to focus on.

if you need help planning your new year, be sure to check out the submissive planner. it’s geared towards helping you manage a power exchange dynamic but it also has a robust monthly/weekly calendar with monthly goals, monthly habit trackers and monthly check-ins. it will help you with your whole life, not just your relationship.

you can find a walk-through of the submissive planner here.

i look forward to all the kinky fun we’re going to have in the new year. i’d love to hear what you’re most looking forward to. please comment below.


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