I am obsessed with BDSM contracts, particularly slave contracts. Even though they’re not legally binding, there is something about putting it in writing that makes me squirm in a very good way. They also help a couple get super clear on the dynamics of their relationship, even if they’re in a very established relationship. I’m all about things being super clear. It makes the whole dynamic work so much better. I’m also a list maker and a planner so I like all things organized. It helps calm my mind.

I created two versions of my printable contract (so far) – one that’s an ownership contract and the other head of household (domestic discipline). These walk you through creating a contract that’s unique to your relationship. Both offer suggestions as well as a blank contract for full control.

If you’d like more information on how to craft your own BDSM contract, check out my post about it in my Kinky Guide.

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