I am so excited to announce the brand new, hot off the press slave journal and slave’s daily log. You can find these now in the brand new slave corner.

I created these as a way for Owners and slaves to have a central place to plan out and maintain their unique dynamic.

The slave journal is similar to the submissive planner in that it walks you through creating a solid Owner/slave dynamic but it’s different that it goes deeper. It’s also geared more towards an Owner/slave dynamic. 

It’s not a weekly planner like the submissive planner but is intended to work as a journal, a place for the slave to keep their thoughts, to be used for the slave to keep notes about the Owner’s rules and preferences, a place for the dynamic to check in with one another and to ensure that their dynamic is moving in a way that works for both of them.

The slave’s daily log is a nice addition to the slave journal. It’s an undated daily log where the Owner and slave can record the day’s focus, the day’s mood, the day’s schedule, the day’s tasks and any notes for the day. I’ve put these both together to form the slave journal collection to give you a bit of a discount if you purchase both.

These are currently being printed on demand which means they’ll take about two to three weeks to receive. They will be shipped directly from my printer until I can get them in stock.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about them!


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